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Confindustria Verona’s publication collect information and statistics of the Verona’s economic system, offering a deeper insight of the provincial economy.


EconomicaMente is a weekly update tool on the main economic issues affecting the international and national scenery and our territory. This document is to help understand the main economic trends, clearing the field of false information or misleading interpretations of the numbers that more and more often happen to read on the various information channels.

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Indagine trimestrale

The Confindustria’s quarterly survey provides a periodic overview on the Verona economy, analyzing in detail market indicators and providing forecasts on the next quarter thanks to the collaboration of associated entrepreneurs.

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Cost of living in Veneto

For a company that decides to settle in an area, knowing the local economic context, in particular the cost of living, is an important factor in guiding company remuneration policies, capable of safeguarding the competitiveness of the company on the one hand and the ability to be attractive to workers on the other hand, in a manner consistent with the reference environment.
The attached study “The cost of living in Veneto”, are the result of the processing of the Study Center of Confindustria Verona, at the request of a company in the logistics sector that is investing in the area, is a useful tool for companies wishing to develop their business in Verona.

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Paolo Pagliaro - The Point on Verona

Dossier Verona

This publication, realized thanks to the contribution of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, presents the main characteristics of Verona.

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