A strategic position

Verona is a province in a strategic logistic position, crossroads of Europe, located between the European corridors Lisbon-Kiev and Berlin-Palermo. In Italy, Verona is a territory located in a unique geographic position, on the borders between North-East and North-West and the Center-North. The territory has a good infrastructural system, which makes it extremely attractive for the location of production plants, also of foreign originm, as shown in the following analysis of the Brenner area.

Verona crossroads of infrastructure

European Corridors

Verona is located in a privileged position in the European infrastructural network, at the intersection of the European transport corridors (Trans Europe Network, or TEN) “Mediterranean” and “Scandinavian-Mediterranean”. The first corridor connects the Iberian peninsula with Ukraine, via France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary; the second starts from Finland and Norway and runs through Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Italy.

National Network

On national network Verona plays an equally important role being positioned along the axis padano-pedemontano (A4 motorway and TAV Turin-Venice railway line), and the axis that cuts the river Po valley and continue along the Val d’Adige (highway A22 Modena-Brenner).

Local Network

The Verona area is particularly strategic in terms of infrastructure. There are four local railway lines: Bologna-Verona-Brenner, Venice-Verona-Milan; Verona-Villafranca-Mantova; Verona-Legnago-Rovigo. In parallel to this network there is the road system of state roads, such as the upper Po S.S.11, the S.S. 12 Abetone-Brenner and S.S. 434 Transpolesana.

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