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Within this section you will find all the useful information to know in depth the various bureaucratic aspects of Verona territory. Look at the municipal statistics.

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The law n.1150 of 17th August 1942, which still governs the city planning in Italy, states that the urban development planning has to take place with the General Local Strategic Plans (PRG) and that the jurisdiction is in the Region. In 1970 the regions with ordinary autonomy were instituted. They began to draw up a zoning regional law following the directives of the national law. In Veneto the L.R. 65 of 27th June 1985 was approved, then reformed with the L.R. 11 of 23rd April 2004 establishing two planning instruments: the PAT and the IP, still in force.

The Territory Structure Plan (PAT) outlines the strategic choices of structure and development for the township government, identifying the specific vocations and invariant of geological, geomorphological, hydrogeological, landscape, environmental, historical and architectural monuments nature, in accordance with the urban development planning of the upper level and the needs of the local community.

The Works Plan (PI), in accordance to and in application of PAT, identifies and regulates the actions of protection and valorisation, of organization and transformation of the territory by programming the interventions, their completion, the related services and the infrastructures for mobility.

The Intermunicipal Territory Structure Plan (PATI) plans in a coordinated manner in the territory of several municipalities.

The Urban Implementation Plan (PUA), on a public or private initiative, or joint, defines the zoning, infrastructural and architectural organization of a settlement.

Focus on local tributes

In the last years several legislative interventions have had a profound impact on the local tax system, redefining it almost entirely.

The new local tributes, associated under the name of UIC (Local Unique Tax), are actually 3 different taxes:




Each one of them is ruled by specific regulations.

The aim of Confindustria Verona with the new “Local Tributes” focus, is to guide the reader in this maze, offering a complete analysis of the most significant fiscal news.

Collection of local tributes news

Production spaces

Prof. Stefano Pendini coordinated the Urban Planning Laboratory on the Mantua Campus  – Milan Polytechnic, a.a. 2017-2018, to investigate the areas of production and work in the Municipalities bordering the urban core of Verona. The research will be progressively updated during laboratory activities.


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